Legal Paal

Non-refundable admin charge £20

Law Firm News
September 15, 2023

If you want to take legal advice with your leisure, just pay £20 administration charge (non-refundable) and we’ll take care of it.

The Legal Paal is a permanent, non-refundable £20 admin charge that is applied regardless of the outcome. An added bonus, if you win your case.

We cannot offer any refunds on our service, but you can cancel your contract with us at any time. When our process is complete and you hand back the paperwork, there will be an admin charge of £20 which will go towards the cost of processing your change of name.

Non-refundable admin charge £20 - Banner Image on Legal Paal

This is a non-refundable admin charge to cover our costs of processing your order.

While most of our legal services are fully refundable, you should be aware that a non-refundable admin charge will apply if your case involves the Court.

The legal paal is an essential item of kit for all business owners. We offer a bespoke legal pad with printed personalised covers and quality cream paper that won’t bleed or lose its impact over time.