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Gold Pass £500 for 3 courses

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September 15, 2023

Pay up, and we’ll give you a Gold Pass so that you can try out our popular courses, at no additional cost. When you pay for 3 courses and receive your Gold Pass after 1 month, we’ll send it straight away to the address you’ve registered it with.

A £500 discount on a course at a top law school. Make the most of your legal education, and take a level up in your career.

Be a part of the biggest conference in legal education and hear some great talks from experts.

Hire a lawyer in just one month, at a flat fee of £1,500. Acquire the knowledge and experience required to be a successful litigator, so you can free yourself from everyday worries.

Gold Pass £500 for 3 courses - Banner Image on Legal Paal

Undertake an intensive and demanding course, designed to build your knowledge of complex legal concepts and equip you with skills to become a qualified lawyer.

For anyone looking to start a career in law, we offer the opportunity to learn from a highly experienced team of lawyers.

You shouldn’t need years to get a law degree. Our school lets you learn at your own pace so you can finish in a year, so you can start helping people right now.